Flaunt everything that you have got
Try stylish templates for menu designs
Variations: Single page or trifold
Choose the best quality materials from glossy to matte
If you already have design, upload files after placing an order.

Make their jaws drop with a tempting menu.

Menus are a design most commonly associated with food chains or restaurants, and are in fact one of the most important items you will find in one. When a customer walks in, give them a menu that tells them that whatever they will order, they are going to love the quality and the perfection!

Menu styles
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″: Best for smaller menus (Printed on a 11″x 8.5″ sheet double side printed, closed size will 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • A4 (Trifold, Bifold or No-fold): Best for a long list of menu items or different cuisines (Printed on a A4 sheet and thickness of sheet will be 128gsm)
  • 12″ x 24″  Horizontal Menu: Best for a long list of menu items or different cuisines. Thickness will be same as 5.5″ x 8.5″ and A4 menu.
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