Technology and Machinery

Technology & Machinery at Sajid Taiba Printing Press has a complete setup of all Printing facilities where Paper is converted into finished printing products as per customer requirement.

We have latest high Quality Computer section for Graphics Designing purpose, Order Management Software and Accounts maintain. All computers are working under networking linked with latest server machine. Our production unit is fully equipped with latest machinery like Heidelberg Printing Machines, Screen Printing, Label Printing Machines, Cutting Machines, Dye Cutting Machines, Lamination Machines, UV Coating Machines, Gum Binding Machines, Plate Making and Pasting Machines.

  • Heidelberg Printing Machines
  • Solana Printing Machines
  • Rota Printing Machines
  • Screen Printing Machines
  • Label Printing Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • Dye Cutting Machines
  • Lamination Machines
  • UV Coating Machines
  • Gum Binding Machines
  • Plate Making Machines
  • Pasting Machines
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